George Georgescu
Molecular Pathology

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

George is a talented fourth year medical student who isn't afraid to recognize that in the majority of his experiments he is no more than a cameraman. That's because he comes up with an idea and leaves much of the hard work to our Machine Learning team. When he is not clicking capture, he is involved in drug safety projects and in developing new ways of detecting cancer in unstained tissue samples. His other great passion besides research is mob movies which is obvious whenever something goes wrong and you hear a "Madonn" coming from his desk.

Most people know from an early age they want to become doctors. This was definitely not George's case. Studying Social Sciences at the Gheorghe Lazar National College in Bucharest, winning local History competitions and auditing Philosophy courses at the University of Bucharest, George was quite far from imagining a medical career. After catching up to his colleagues that were studying Physical Sciences by taking Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology classes, he started to like the idea of becoming a doctor. His aspiration was further fueled by the taunting of his colleagues that told him a Humanities background was not compatible with Medical School. With the knowledge of the numerous interconnections between the Armed Forces and the Medical Profession and the burning desire to prove his friends wrong, George decided to join the Institute for Military Medicine where he is now the head of class for the third consecutive year.

Although he has a very crowded schedule divided between Medical School, military duty and research, George still has the time to participate in exciting competitions such as the National Orienteering Contest of 2021.

George has now an original article as the first author in preparation.