Founded in 1887, and named after its founder, Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology is the oldest institute of medical science in Romania and a leading research institute in Romania in the fields of pathology, immunology, genetics and cellular and molecular medicine.

With the top of the art and new equipment and technology and newly renovated, our Anatomic Pathology Department is an excellent environment to perform our research endeavors.

Our group is currently focusing on several lines of research, which we think are on the verge of transforming the Pathology/Diagnostic Pathology field in the near future:
1. New molecular methods and imaging modalities for advanced diagnostic and treatment of pathologies such as cancer (Expansion Pathology/Microscopy and other related methods)
2. Digital pathology: developing and implementing of an efficient pipeline for Digital Diagnostic Pathology (including advanced automated image analysis)
3. Development and application of Machine Learning-based algorithms in Pathology and Medicine
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