Elisa A. Liehn MD, PhD
Professor, Senior Researcher

Elisa A. Liehn, MD, PhD, is the former leader of the Heart Attack Research Group from the University Hospital Aachen, Aachen, Germany and she is now a Professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

Elisa is a senior part-time experienced collaborator. Her expertise is amazingly helpful for our research design and progress.

Elisa published more than 105 original papers and reviews in high-impact factor journals with more than 4300 citations (Web of Science) and an h-index of 36 (Web of Science). Her collaboration network is extensive: Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Giessen, Berlin, Homburg) and international (Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Great Britain, USA) and she is an international grant evaluator.

Concomitantly with her research activity, Elisa performed her training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the in the Cardiology Department at the University Hospital Aachen. There, she was familiarized with the novel teaching methods of the Aachen model study courses in medicine. Thus, she gained invaluable experience in recruiting and supervising both scientific and medical doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and guest scientists, conducting many interdisciplinary scientific projects.  

Using broad experimental and clinical approaches, as well as wide interdisciplinary connections, Elisa is continuously making a significant impact on cardiovascular field, being interested in finding and developing new therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.