Ruxandra Birsaneanu

Automatic Control and Computers University

Ruxandra Birsaneanu is a passionate undergraduate student in the 4rd year at the Automatic Control and Computers University, Bucharest, Romania and a technician in our group.  She has a keen interest in applications of Machine Learning/AI in Medicine, Biology and Pathology.

Ruxandra ranked in top 15 students of UPB at the Romanian National Competition of Algorithms ACM ICPC 2021-2022.

She is very ambitious, friendly and enjoys being part of an environment with individuals much more prepared than she is, in order to learn something new every day. She was the President and Vice-president for Interact Atheneum Bucharest, which helped the development of her public relations skills, by creating social events, developing social networks and making new friends.

Ruxandra's passion for programming arose in less pleasant circumstances, because her colleagues had an advanced level in this field. In the end, she overcame them. She would like to use her knowledge to impact fields such as medicine and science, by developing new applications of machine learning in biomedical-related fields, such as pathology.

Moreover, she loves to attend various conferences and events that address topics from different areas of study, from history to the so changed political issues.