Mihaela Dindere
Medical student

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Mihaela is a 3rd year medical student and a science and research enthusiast.

Her passion for the medical field came unexpected, having a math and physics background. During her last 2 years of high school, she found the “mathematical” perspective in medicine, falling in love with anatomy and physiology, making her college decision pretty clear.

Now, as a student she takes every opportunity to deepen her knowledge on medical education, patient approach and hands-on practice. As a sociable and friendly person, she enjoys being part of teams with common goals, innovative ideas and drive towards challenging initiatives.

Her organizational and time-management skills recommended her to be an organizing committee member for several medical congresses, a volunteer in 4 projects at Medical Students’ Society of Bucharest, a trainer and department member at Romanian Students’ Society of Surgery.

Her new fields-of-interest are research and histopathology, which led her want to be part of Next Generation Pathology Group, a complex and multidisciplinary team, a learning and growing experience for its members.