Andra Fortner
Medical student

Heidelberg University School of Medicine, Germany

Andra is a highly motivated 3rd year medical student at the Heidelberg University School of Medicine, the top medical school in Germany. She is very enthusiastic about studying and analyzing complex molecular mechanisms in biological systems and medicine.

Andra already published two review scientific articles as the first author in the journal Discoveries, in 2021 (>10 citations) and June, 2022.

In high school, she ranked amongst the first students for the Abitur, the German baccalaureate, enabling her to get into one of the top universities for medicine in Germany.

Her passion for research started during her internship at the Max Rubner-Institut (MRI) in Karlsruhe, the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food in Germany. Using an electron microscope to analyze samples collected the previous day, the detailed pictures amazed her, as they were revealing a part of our surroundings, she was not aware of before, thus fueling her interest for the scientific field.

She’s always eager to gain more knowledge and insights in order to contribute to developing new research methods that will determine the future of medicine and works with a lot of dedication to achieve her goals.